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  • Shayamani Daluwatta


    After having my son i stayied at home until he become age of 2, i wanted to go back to my work and i was looking for a place which i can trust/ taking good care of my son. I havent had enough time to inform the director at the highlight but she was welcome my son and my daughter at her school and given all the care that my son and daughter(she goes there when she don’t have school) needed when i’m gone to work. Now i can do my job peacefully i know my son been taking care very well.

    We are parents who really wanted our children around both parents(we even take our kids whereever we go even to company x’mas parties etc:) we trust and love highlighs family day care because our son is very happy at highlights and learning so much, he is learning numbers,shapes and sounds at this age and we are very happy what he is coming and telling us day to day his learning. I do not worry about his food every morning, it was so much to pack 2 kids lunch every day.
    I highly recommend hoghlights Montessori family day care for parents to come and visit and meet the director and her program.

    I appriciate Ms:Janaki bottom of my heart she loves, take good care of my most precious child all day long and IThank her so much.

    Please contact: Janaki at 323-757-2628

    Shayamani Daluwatta

  • S.Daluwatta

    My son had a great year at highlights Montessori Family daycare. He learned a lot all his sounds, shapes colors and numbers. Most fascinating part he was not potty trained once he started there and now we are having a big releaf that he goes to potty by himself and he doesn’t need any help at all. My son had so much love from the people around him and he loves to go to highlights every morning.
    He learned to share things with his friends before he start the pre school and he was gradually and fully prepared for his next stage. I am very thankful to the director that i could carry out my full time job very well knowing that my child is well protected and happy and healthy while i’m gone. My son love all kind of food because the food that they provide was healthy my son love to eat vegetables,rice,salads and cooked food.
    I’m fully recomending highlights M/F/Daycare for any parent working or going to work, if you have a big question(?) how do i leave my baby and where do I leave him/her this is the best place. I came from Torrance to Van Ness bit far from my home still worth it just drive 10 minuts early your problem is solved that’s what i did and i’m very happy my son became a wonderful person during his precious age in his life.Please go and take a look or call Ms;Janaki 323-757-2628 or 310-895-1715.
    We stll drop our kids at highlights and they welcome us anytime,we love seen our kids grow under loving, caring and beautiful people. We love them…………

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